campaign For Freedom

The Campaign for Freedom supports democracy and the rights of people to make their own decisions free from aggressors.

Nowhere is that right more in jeopardy in the world today than in Ukraine.

It is once again an unprovoked war on the European continent with global consequences.

The conflict today is about more than territory, it’s also the battle for what we value – freedom and democracy.


Our immediate aim in 2023 is to support the Ukrainian people as they defend themselves against the oppressive aggression of an authoritarian neighbour.


A terrible conflict is being fought on the ground in Ukraine but there is also a global war being waged in the media and in online spaces. Both of those conflicts must be won.

Russia’s disinformation campaigns purposefully confuse and complicate international efforts to reach consensus and attempt to undermine the legitimacy of Ukraine’s response to the invasion.

These tactics pose great risks in both strong and fragile democracies around the world and in a digital environment if divisions and falsehoods go unchallenged.   

Russian disinformation must be countered everywhere because of the destructive implications for all democracies.

The Campaign for Freedom is a global campaign which supports Ukraine’s independence and challenges Russian interference.


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Campaign for Freedom is funded by grassroots donors around the world.